Watch the second episode (2/3) of our (3-part) interview, between our host Rene with Akash,, a leading Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the National University of Singapore.

On this episode, Akash introduces us to the world of carbon measurement. He shows us how scientists measure carbon in trees and rainforests. He also talks about cool tools like space lasers that help track carbon from above!

Akash shares how places like peat swamps in Southeast Asia play a big role in storing carbon for us to better understand why these areas are so special and need to be protected.


00:53Ecosystems that are functional as carbon sinks
01:25Peat swamps/lands in southeast Asia as leading carbon sinks
02:43Why peat swamps should be protected and not be used for restoration.
07:56Measuring carbon in a single tree
08:54Using a plot to estimate the carbon in a rainforest
09:28Satellite technology as a carbon measurement tool
12:09Space lasers

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