Watch the third episode and final (3/3) of our (3-part) interview, between our host Rene with Akash, a leading Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the National University of Singapore.

On this episode, Akash dives deep into the world of environmental data. He explains how scientists use data from space to learn about Earth’s forests. He reveals that this information is easy to get and doesn’t cost much.

Akash also talks about the costs of forest research and satellite missions. Plus, he shares his thoughts on how scientists and companies can work together for a better planet.


01:30Low computer power needed to process space data
03:32Free of costs for accessing the data
05:47Costs of setting up plots in a forest / launching a satellite in space
08:35Criticism of scientific results
09:32Future: scientist collaborating with private companies
11:02If you have a billion dollars, where would you spend it?

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