Name: Allister Furey

Role: Co-Founder & CEO at Sylvera

Allister Furey is an entrepreneur with a keen focus on environmental sustainability and technology. He’s the co-founder and CEO of Sylvera, a company dedicated to providing crucial data to understand the quality of carbon offsets, aiming to address the growing demand in the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) sector. Under his leadership, Sylvera is on a mission to tackle significant issues in the ESG world, gearing towards meeting the escalating demand for carbon offsets.

Before establishing Sylvera, Allister co-founded KPS, a wind energy company that garnered support from notable entities and managed to raise over $10 million before being acquired by Kitemill, a Norwegian company. Following this success, Allister led the Applied Technology business of Reaction Engines, showcasing his continuous commitment to leveraging technology for sustainability goals.

On the academic front, Allister holds an MBA from London Business School and a PhD in computational neuroscience and robotics from the University of Sussex, where he honed his expertise on optimizing control of wind energy systems. His academic prowess coupled with his entrepreneurial ventures reflects a blend of academic excellence, innovative spirit, and a staunch commitment towards environmental sustainability and technological advancements. Moreover, before his venture with Sylvera, Allister served as a venture partner at Entrepreneur First, showcasing his multifaceted experience in both the entrepreneurial and environmental domains.

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