Name: Alvin Lee

Role: Head of APAC at Puro. Earth

Alvin Lee is currently leading as the Regional Head for APAC at, a renowned platform credited for engineered carbon removal efforts. Based in Singapore, Alvin is in charge of spearheading the company’s interactions with developers working on negative emissions technology projects. These projects are meticulously aligned with the methodologies embedded within the Puro Standard, which is an independent carbon standard endorsed by the ICROA​​.

Before his tenure at, Alvin had an impactful journey, serving as the Head of Southeast Asia Coverage at MSCI. During his stint at MSCI and later at IHS Markit (now part of S&P Global), Alvin worked closely with governments and exchanges on their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) disclosure regimes and carbon credit registries. His career embarked on a promising start with JPMorgan’s Risk Management Advisory team, where he significantly contributed his expertise. He is also credited with authoring the CorporateMetrics Technical Document, marking his substantial contribution to the field​​.

On the educational front, Alvin is an alumnus of Stanford University, holding both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Engineering. His academic prowess paired with his professional journey portrays a robust background in both the technical and environmental domains. Now, as a member of the Singapore Institute of International Affairs and residing in Singapore with, a partner company of Nasdaq, Alvin continues to be a vital force in advocating and working towards environmentally sustainable practices and policies.

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