Join us on this episode of the Carbon Exposure Project as we delve into the importance of carbon dioxide removals (CDR) with Alvin Lee, Head of APAC from, as he provides the audience with masterclass on the importance of carbon dioxide removals (CDR) in order to deliver Net Zero.

Alvin sheds light on the vision driving Puro.Earth’s mission as the first carbon market standard and registry focussed exclusively on CDR.

In this episode our host, Rene Velasquez explores the concept of carbon as an asset class with Alvin, and they discuss how with any asset class there are varied and diverse offerings. Alvin provides his views and outlines how under this new asset class there are three complimentary subsets; avoidance, compliance and emissions clean up.

Alvin unpacks that although carbon removals represent a small quotient of today’s supply in carbon markets, that they are increasing in terms of both importance and scale. Most interestingly, Alvin describes the need to build up a carbon removals services sector – akin to building a sector the size of the automotive sector during 20th century, but in the space of a few decades – in order to make Net Zero possible.


00:14Purpose of CXP
00:45Views on Carbon Markets
01:38Evolution of Carbon Markets
02:15Carbon as an asset class
03:00About Emissions removals
03:20Antti’s (CEO of contribution to carbon markets
04:42About team and their focus (carbon removals)
05:56About carbon removals market (value, pricing and growth)
09:23Limiting factors of achieving scale
11:54Examples of green ventures approach

If you’re interested to learn more about CDR, this is the episode for you! If you’re looking for the full audio episode, please feel to listen on Spotify.