Don’t miss out on our latest 2nd episode (2nd of the 3 part interview) with @Alvin Lee, Head of APAC at In this episode, Alvin discusses worldwide developments in the field of #CDR and shares insights about carbon removal techniques and technologies.

@Alvin talks about’s search for project developers and proponents interested in implementing Carbon Removal Projects resulting in successful issuance of #CORCs (Carbon Offset Removal Certificates) in the APAC region. He also highlights the benefits of #biochar production and its implementation across APAC, as well as biomass burial and its use case in Australia due to its large and barren land mass.

Additionally, Alvin discusses Direct Air Capture #DAC technology and Enhanced Rock Weathering in detail as alternative ways of carbon removal. He also touches on the concept of permanence in the carbon markets and the difference between Perfect vs Good in the growth of Carbon Markets.

Don’t miss out on this informative episode and learn about carbon removal techniques and technologies from a leader in the space.

Here are some timestamps if you’d like to skip to topics that interest you:’s search in Asia Pacific (CORCs)
01:35Early movers in Australia
01:43Bio-char production
02:38Biomass Burial
03:54Progress in Asia
04:43Permanence in Carbon Markets
05:50Basic Chemistry behind Enhanced Rock Weathering and Biochar
07:31Perfect vs Good of Offset (Growth of Carbon Markets)