Wei Mei Hum [Part – 3]

What to Expect: Global Market Dynamics: Wei Mei opens up about the challenges and opportunities in creating a truly global carbon market, discussing the importance of regulations, interconnectivity, and liquidity provision. Fostering Inclusivity: Gain an understanding of how ACX strives to make the carbon market more inclusive, accommodating diverse players and stakeholders. The Carbon Exchange […]

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Wei Mei Hum [Part – 2]

In this compelling episode of the Carbon Exposure Project, our host Rene Velasquez engages with Wei Mei Hum, ACX’s visionary leader, to uncover how blockchain technology is revolutionizing the environmental sector. Key Discussion Points: Blockchain in Action: Wei Mei discusses the critical role of blockchain in enhancing transparency and accessibility in carbon credit trading. Discover […]

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Wei Mei Hum [Part – 1]

In this insightful episode, our host Rene Velasquez sits down with Wei Mei Hum, the Head of Asia Pacific and Head of Carbon & Environmental Products at ACX. Join us as Wei Mei shares her expert insights on ACX’s remarkable journey in the environmental sector. Discover the Growth and Evolution of ACX: Wei Mei delves […]

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