We’re back with another episode of the Carbon Exposure Project (CXP), on this episode we will interview the highly experienced Benedikt Von Buttler, Portfolio Manager, Evolution Environmental Asset Management, LP.

On this episode, he will discuss:-

0:34Perspective about market evolution & demand.
3:20Understanding carbon offsetting.
7:00The role of portfolio/risk management in developing VCMs.
10:00Understanding price information and trading liquidity in VCMs. Case example: The GIO contract in reflection of demand from the aviation sector.
11:15High Integrity to encourage more companies to act voluntarily.
11:50Fungibility in VCMs. From substantiating voluntary claims to compliance systems.
16:13Private sector funds/risk signals
17:17Governance support to give confidence to the markets.
19:40Inaction being safer than action.
21:25Review case –Portfolio/Risk adjustment basis for offsets to scale markets.
24:11Hedge risk in compliance markets towards 2030 targets.
28:31Fluctuating supply and demand and future balancing in carbon markets.
30:10Forecasting risk past the short term.
31:40The importance of developing demand to catch up with supply.