We’re thrilled to present our newest episode featuring Mark Kenber, Executive Director at VCMI. On this episode, Mark and our very own Rene Velasquez dive deep into the intricacies of Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCMs) and their pivotal role in driving the global transition to Net Zero.


0:43Introducing VCMI
2:24Framework to make claims using carbon credits.
3:25The importance of transparency and integrity to build trust and scale in VCMs.
5:25Companies struggling meeting SCOPE 3 targets.
9:20How to incentive investment in Innovation & Technology and Carbon markets to drive transformation within companies.
10:34Building an end to end High Integrity Framework to channel corporate finance in developing countries while achieving efficient decarbonisation.
16:10VCMs role in innovation and infrastructure as a tool for enabling compliance markets initiatives.
19:42VCMs in developing countries as a vehicle to meet NDC´s and more ambitious targets in the future.
23:30The importance of corporate incentives when acquiring carbon credits to develop VCMs. Review case. Aviation Sector.
27:26Cost of Action vs. Cost of Inaction. BeZero review case –Portfolio/Risk adjustment basis for offsets.
29:39Evolution of standard methodologies and the importance of highlighting the progress across the industry in the VCMs narrative.