Dive into a conversation with two inspiring leaders within climate finance: Naveed Tariq, CEO at Seagrass, and Ely Sandler, Fellow at the Harvard School of Government.


00:00Introduction Monologue
00:45Host Welcome and Introduction
01:14Introduction by Naveed Tariq, CEO at Seagrass
03:24Introduction by Ely Sandler, Fellow at the Harvard School of Government
03:40Ely explains the economic basis for carbon finance
04:30Ely explains the fundamentals of Article 6 under the Paris Agreement
05:36Ely discusses the model that he and his colleague Professor Daniel Schrag developed for financing the energy transition through cross-border investment (see: https://www.belfercenter.org/publicat…)
07:25Financing gap for energy grid infrastructure
09:15Need to link the investment in grids necessary, estimated at $830B annually, to the emission reductions that this infrastructure enables and the intersection under the Paris Agreement
12:58How to scale the carbon market through innovative financing mechanisms
15:45The role of the Seagrass marketplace in helping to scale the market
21:00The scale of the financing gap required to achieve the climate goals and the opportunity for carbon markets
24:03The role of additionality in carbon financing
24:48The potential for Hydrogen as an energy source
26:48The importance of bankability to help unlock scale in climate finance
31:22Article 6 potential for scaling finance and concluding remarks