Join us for the first episode of our (3-part) interview with Dale Hardcastle, who oversees Bain’s global carbon market and nature-based solutions efforts.’

On this episode Dale and our very own host Rene Velasquez discuss about recent carbon market developments and spurring growth in the future. They discuss about New York Climate Week and compared the overall market and dynamics to 2021. Then they moved to talking about scaling the markets, the importance of voluntary markets and methods on scaling up markets. These methods including convincing and guiding board members to get involved as well as specific incentives required from government and institutional enterprises to drive towards decarbonisation.

Topics discussed in this episode:

00:11About New York Climate Week 2023
00:42Changes in overall market and dynamics compared to 2021
01:23Mismatch between supply and demand
02:40The importance of the voluntary carbon markets
04:20Implementation of scaling up markets
05:44Incentivizing more companies to get involved
07:30Convincing and guiding board members to get involved in climate action
10:23Specific incentives required from government and institutional enterprise to drive coherence to decarbonization
12:20Regression in involvement of companies

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Camile Pêtre & Eilís O’Keefe 

Name: Dale Hardcastle​

Role: Global Sector Leader & Partner at Brain & Company

Dale Hardcastle is a distinguished expert in sustainability and strategic business transformation, currently serving as a Partner at Bain & Company, where he is also the Global Sector Leader of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility. His role at Bain involves steering the firm’s initiatives on sustainability across various sectors, ensuring that clients embed environmentally sound practices into their core strategies.

Before ascending to his current global role, Dale co-led Bain’s Southeast Asia operations, focusing on guiding companies through transformative changes and strategic overhauls, particularly in emerging markets. His leadership extended to Bain’s Energy and Natural Resources practice, where he specialized in advising clients on operational efficiency and sustainable practices.

Dale’s career is marked by a deep commitment to the integration of sustainable solutions in business operations. He has been instrumental in spearheading initiatives that not only address environmental challenges but also drive substantial business growth and resilience. His expertise in marrying sustainability with strategic business objectives makes him an invaluable resource in discussions about corporate responsibility and environmental stewardship.

Educationally, Dale is equipped with a robust background in economics, holding a degree from the University of Oxford, which further enhances his understanding of the economic impacts of sustainability strategies. His thought leadership is recognized globally, making him a sought-after speaker and expert in discussions that bridge the gap between sustainability and business viability.

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