Name: David Antonioli

Role: Ex-CEO of Verra

David Antonioli served as the CEO of Verra, a U.S.-based nonprofit standard-setting organization dedicated to climate action and sustainable development, for nearly 15 years . Under his leadership, Verra witnessed significant growth and played a crucial role in achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement, particularly in the realm of carbon credit certification.

David Antonioli is also the founder of Verra and was instrumental in evolving the organization into a global leader for developing and managing standards aimed at addressing environmental and social challenges.

David Antonioli holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Princeton University and a Master’s degree in Public Policy, with a focus on Environmental Policy, from the Harvard Kennedy School, which he attended in 1990. David’s reputable educational background and extensive experience in sustainability and climate action initiatives make him a distinguished figure in the environmental sector.

After his tenure at Verra, David transitioned to a role as a Strategic Advisor. His professional journey has been significantly impactful in the sphere of environmental sustainability and climate action initiatives David has also engaged with various stakeholders and has been featured on different platforms discussing climate action and sustainable development.

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