Name: Dirk Forrister

Role: President and CEO of the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA)

Dirk Forrister is a notable name in the field of environmental markets and climate policy, serving as the President and CEO of the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA). IETA is a non-profit business association that champions market-based climate policies, and under Dirk’s leadership, it has gained global recognition for its advocacy on leveraging market mechanisms for climate protection.

His previous roles include serving as the Managing Director at Natsource LLC, which managed one of the world’s largest carbon funds. Dirk also had a significant stint as the Chairman of the White House Climate Change Task Force during the Clinton Administration, contributing to the Kyoto Protocol negotiations. Additionally, he worked at the Environmental Defense Fund, initially as the Energy Program Manager and later joined as the Director of the national Energy program, focusing on global climate change solutions from their Rocky Mountain Office in Boulder, Colorado.

Dirk’s involvement in governmental roles and his spearheading of various working groups at IETA, including the Market Oversight Working Group, showcase his enduring commitment to promoting climate-neutral policies and practices. His varied experience, from governmental roles to leading non-profit associations, underscores his depth of knowledge and insight into carbon markets and environmental policies, making him a distinguished guest on your show, capable of providing rich discussions and insights into the complex landscape of carbon markets and environmental policies.

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