Name: Duncan Van Bergen​

Role: Co-Founder at Calyx Global

Duncan van Bergen is a Co-Founder at Calyx Global, transitioning into this role after a significant tenure at Shell, where he served as the Vice President of Nature Based Solutions. His journey at Shell also saw him in pivotal roles such as VP Upstream and Country Chair in Kazakhstan, and General Manager Global Gas & LNG Market Development.

Before his impactful stint at Shell, Duncan was associated with McKinsey & Company as an Associate Partner and Leader of Asian Natural Gas and LNG Service Line. His career inception was at Royal Dutch Shell, where he embraced roles like VP New Business Development Gas & LNG, Latin America, and M&A Manager USA – Downstream. Besides, Duncan also gained experience at Goldman Sachs International as an Investment Banking Associate and at Accenture as a Business Analyst.

On the academic front, Duncan earned his MBA degree from the prestigious Harvard Business School. He also pursued a Masters in Business Administration/European Business at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, and completed a Masters in Applied Economics at KU Leuven.

Moreover, Duncan has been proactive in sharing his insights on the carbon market and its critical role in charting a sustainable future. He joined HCLI as a speaker in the Singapore Business Leaders Programme to share his valuable insights on carbon markets and their impact on a sustainable future. Duncan’s conversations extend to various platforms, sharing his expertise on the evolving voluntary carbon market, the role of different stakeholders in this market, and the challenges tied to driving both quality and scale in carbon offset projects. Through his current venture, Calyx Global, Duncan aims to amplify the impact carbon markets have on climate change, ecosystems, and people.

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