Join us for the first episode of our (4-part) interview with Duncan Van Bergen, Co-Founder of Calyx Global, a leader in the space of carbon market advocacy.

On this episode, Duncan talks about his company Calyx Global, a leading provider of carbon market intelligence, carbon offset project ratings and advisory services. Duncan shared that he and his team created Calyx global with the mission to “increase, strengthen the impact of carbon markets for the benefit of the planet and people”.

He also goes in detail about why carbon offset project ratings are required and the tools created to help buyers to decide the types of credit they would like to purchase. He follows that by elaborating about the progress and innovation in the ratings industry which give buyers a lot more credible information about the credits they purchase when compared to the past.


01:19The Purpose of the Carbon Exposure Project
02:00Introducing Calyx Global
03:51Calyx Global Mission and Purpose
08:16Innovation and advances in the Carbon Market

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