Wondering how ratings companies rate different carbon projects? Look no further!

Watch the second episode (2/4) of our (4-part) interview, between our host Rene with Duncan Van Bergen, co-founder of Calyx Global, a leading provider of carbon market intelligence and carbon offset project ratings.

On this episode Duncan does in detail about the carbon ratings given to different project and also discusses about the SDG impacts of different carbon projects. He gives an in-depth look at methods rating companies use to qualify and substantiate the claims of different carbon projects. He also talks about under-appreciated carbon projects and how his company Calyx Global positively impact them by bringing them to light. He then discusses the SDG Impacts of some carbon offset projects and how Calyx goes about measuring them.


00:09Methods used to qualify and substantiate different projects
01:00Under-Appreciated Carbon Projects
02:45Methodology used to rate Projects
03:12Calyx Global impact on underappreciated projects
04:43Observation about project reputation and assessment
06:32SDG Impacts of some carbon offset projects and their evaluation
10:51Calyx Global methodology for measuring SDG Impacts

Catch the full episode on Spotify: https://lnkd.in/e2Thq3cy