Don’t miss the third episode of our (4-part) interview, with Duncan Van Bergen, Co-Founder of Calyx Global, a leading provider of carbon market intelligence and carbon offset project ratings.

Duncan on this episode talks about improving Carbon Credits and Markets. He discusses Calyx Global collaboration with Onesot.Earth, (a company that develops tools and infrastructure to get more capital for climate change mitigation projects) to improve the mechanism of measurement of carbon ratings. He then talks about the importance of trust in improving carbon markets and the responsibility ratings agencies have to ensure the continuous growth of the markets by always ensuring transparency and integrity. On that note, he also mentions incentivising and helping new projects towards higher levels of quality and integrity.

He then highlights a report Calyx Global published about turning Reduce Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) projects green, which provides key recommendations on how to turn REDD credits from a trade-off (of high SDG benefits for questionable GHG impact) into a win-win.


00:21Calyx Global collaboration with Onesot.Earth to improve measurement of carbon ratings
03:48Importance of trust in improving carbon markets
04:05Incentivizing and helping new projects towards higher levels of quality and integrity
08:05Caylx Global report on turning REDD(Reduce Deforestation and Forest Degradation) to green

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