Catch here the final 4th part (4/4) episode of the conversation between our host and founder Rene Velasquez and Duncan Van Bergen, Co-Founder of Calyx Global, a leading provider of carbon market intelligence and carbon offset project ratings.

On this final session, Duncan provides an insight about Building a Carbon Portfolio and Trading in the Carbon Markets directed at companies. He talks about the need of companies questioning and identifying the purpose of the credits they are purchasing to ensure they are aware about the types of credits they are purchasing especially in terms of their actual value to offsetting their emissions and its benefit to the environment. He mentions the importance ensuring to maintain a balance price and quality when purchasing credits (and building a carbon portfolio) and to make decisions based on evidence and data prior to making purchases.


00:40Guide for corporates on choosing the right projects and building their portfolio
04:02Carbon Markets (Pricing, Quality and Liquidity)

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