Name:Eilís O’Keefe

Role: Carbon Markets & Partnerships Analyst at Kita

Eilís O’Keefe currently serves as a Carbon Markets & Partnerships Analyst at Kita, where she began her role in January 2023. At Kita, Eilís focuses on scaling carbon projects and technologies by developing insurance products that mitigate carbon risks, thereby facilitating increased capital flow and accelerating climate-positive impacts. Kita, a coverholder at Lloyd’s of London, is at the forefront of the carbon insurance market, leveraging its expertise to support sustainable advancements globally.

In addition to her primary role, Eilís is a founding member of Women in Carbon, initiated in March 2023. This part-time commitment underscores her dedication to enhancing the role of women in the carbon industry through networking and empowerment initiatives.

Eilís’s journey with Kita began with a three-month internship as a Carbon Market Analyst in May 2022, where she initially developed her expertise in the field. Prior to joining Kita, she expanded her professional scope with a Commercial Law Internship at the Bright Network in July 2020, gaining insights into legal aspects relevant to business and environmental policy.

Eilís O’Keefe combines her analytical skills and commitment to environmental sustainability to drive significant contributions in the carbon market, supporting both environmental progress and gender equality within the industry.

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