Name: Swati Mandloi​

Role: Conservation Manager at WWF Singapore

Swati Mandloi is a dedicated environmentalist presently serving as a Conservation Manager at WWF-Singapore. She transitioned into this role from her previous position as a sustainability business analyst at Blue Planet Environmental Solutions, a Singapore-based waste technology company. At WWF-Singapore, Swati is part of the market transformation team, engaging with corporates in Southeast Asia across various sectors including palm oil, plastics, sustainable seafood, climate, and the illegal wildlife trade. Her primary focus is on managing the organization’s climate engagement program aimed at assisting companies in Singapore in their decarbonization efforts. Swati’s responsibilities involve collaborating with companies on platforms like the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) to align corporate emissions with the climate goals set forth in the Paris Agreement​.

Moreover, Swati is a committed member of the Singapore Youth for Climate Action (SYCA), where she leads the advocacy group’s international climate change negotiations. Representing the youth delegation from Singapore, she notably participated at COP24 in Katowice in 2018. While at Blue Planet, her contributions were geared towards creating a sustainability framework and monitoring system for the integrated waste platform, which utilizes various technologies to treat different types of waste​.

Swati’s career reflects her deep commitment to environmental sustainability and climate action, both at the organizational level and within the broader community. Through her varied roles, she continues to advocate for sustainable practices and climate action, contributing significantly to the discourse on environmental sustainability in the corporate sector and beyond.

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