Don’t miss the second episode of our (4-part) interview, with Swati Mandloi, Conservation Manager at WWF-Singapore.

Swati talks about the role and importance of United Nations Climate Change Conference also known as COP, in the development and evolution of the voice of youth. She talks about the improvements in how policymakers perceive the voice of youth over different COPs.

The discussion between Rene and Swati then goes into the details about COP’s role, their method of operating and limitations the Conference has in driving effective climate sustainability.

As a keen participant of COPs over different years (starting of in the youth delegation), Swati talks about the intricacies and dynamics of collaboration between different camps of youth (from different parts of the world and different socioeconomic backgrounds) in their dialogue about climate change.


00:00Evolution of youth voice over different COPs
02:02About COP’s role, operation and limitations
03:48Dynamics of collaboration between different camps of youth; Differences and how they solve them
06:11Power of COP in building bridges of collaboration between different parties
06:45Singapore demonstrating itself being at the forefront of commitment to climate change

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