Watch the third episode (3/4) of our (4-part) interview, between our host Rene with Swati Mandloi, an young and inspirational leader as well as advocate in the space of climate sustainability and emissions reduction.

In this episode, Rene and Swati discuss about the Global Stocktake and nationally determined contribution (NDC) happening this year in Dubai.

Swati briefly talks about what NDCs are designed to do (essentially to reduce emissions numbers of various countries), then they discuss the shortfalls of the system and how to improve the current NDC system.

Then, they discuss about the importance of collaboration and constructive criticism between different players in the effort of building a better carbon market in the future. The conversation then moves to Oil Companies and the urgency of getting these companies on board.

A not to be missed episode on NDCs and developing carbon markets by one of the brightest minds in the climate sustainability space, Swati Mandloi.


00:00Stocktake in Dubai (Progress and Views)
01:29Shortfalls of NDCs
01:57Solving the pitfalls of NDCs
05:14Importance of collaboration and constructive criticism in building the carbon markets
06:53Oil companies and decarbonizing
09:07Urgency behind getting oil companies on board
09:48Role of Individuals in enacting change

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