Name: Wei Mei Hum

Role: Global Head of Environmental Products at AirCarbon Exchange 

Wei Mei Hum is a leading expert in environmental markets, currently serving as the Head of Asia Pacific and the Global Head of Environmental Products at AirCarbon Exchange (ACX). In these roles, she shapes ACX’s strategic vision for the region and leads the development of policies and bespoke solutions for environmental assets.

Before her current tenure at ACX, Wei Mei held key roles at SP Group and the National Climate Change Secretariat in Singapore, focusing on sustainability issues and government relations. She also gained experience in carbon markets as Vice President of Carbon Markets at ACX.

Wei Mei is recognized for her hands-on expertise and strategic leadership in environmental markets, and she frequently shares her insights as a speaker at major forums. Her work aligns with global sustainability goals, making her a pivotal figure in Asia’s environmental sector.

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