In this insightful episode, our host Rene Velasquez sits down with Wei Mei Hum, the Head of Asia Pacific and Head of Carbon & Environmental Products at ACX. Join us as Wei Mei shares her expert insights on ACX’s remarkable journey in the environmental sector.

Discover the Growth and Evolution of ACX: Wei Mei delves into how ACX has built its market presence through collaborations with different exchanges, the strategic rebranding of these exchanges, and the expansion into secondary businesses like SaaS. The discussion also highlights ACX’s partnership with IDX, providing a deeper understanding of the company’s strategies and market positioning.

Wei Mei’s Journey to ACX:
Learn about Wei Mei’s personal journey and what led her to her pivotal role at ACX. Her story is one of dedication, expertise, and a deep commitment to environmental sustainability.

Don’t miss this engaging conversation that sheds light on the inner workings and growth strategies of ACX, directly from one of its key leaders.


00:57Building the market as a whole with different exchanges
03:13Rebranding/name changes of exchanges
04:27Second business of ACX; SaaS
05:10TroPartnership with IDX
07:50How Wei Mei got into ACX