In this compelling episode of the Carbon Exposure Project, our host Rene Velasquez engages with Wei Mei Hum, ACX’s visionary leader, to uncover how blockchain technology is revolutionizing the environmental sector.

Key Discussion Points:

Blockchain in Action: Wei Mei discusses the critical role of blockchain in enhancing transparency and accessibility in carbon credit trading. Discover how this technology is transforming ACX’s approach to environmental sustainability.

The Power of Innovation: Learn about ACX’s strategies in utilizing blockchain for better efficiency and trust in carbon trading. Wei Mei explains how blockchain ensures certainty and accessibility in data, making a significant impact on the carbon market.

Making a Difference: Dive into the topic of returning a portion of fees to those who onboard carbon credits, and how this incentivizes sustainable practices. Plus, insights into governmental agreements and the global impact of blockchain on environmental policies.

Don’t miss this enlightening episode where technology meets sustainability. Wei Mei Hum brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise on how blockchain is not just a buzzword, but a tool for real environmental change.