Welcome to the
Carbon Exposure Project!

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Welcome to the Carbon Exposure Project!

A platform for transparent and constructive peer to peer discussions on the carbon markets.

What to expect:

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With a brand new episode released on Spotify every Tuesday, the carbon exposure project aims to educate, inspire, and entertain a broad audience by having free-flowing conversations over cocktails with people who are driving the carbon markets of tomorrow. The podcast features subject matter experts from the fields of policy, industry and finance speaking about the role of markets in order to facilitate the energy transition and decarbonization more broadly.


Join Rene Velasquez in the Carbon Exposure Project as we chat with carbon market leaders over cocktails, exploring ideas for a greener future. Each episode brings together thinkers eager to make the world of carbon markets easy to understand and act upon. Dive into friendly chats, learn something new, and feel the warmth of good company as we tackle climate topics, one conversation at a time.


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